Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How big does a cremation urn need to be?
A. As a rule of thumb, a cremation urn should be 1 cubic inch for every pound of body weight. A standard funeral urn is 220 cubic inches. This size funeral urn will hold a person weighing 220 pounds.

Q. How can I place the cremains (cremated remains) in the new cremation urn?
A. You may have your funeral home transfer the cremated remains for you, or you may transfer them into the urn yourself. The funeral home will put the cremated remains in a plastic bag and then place them in a temporary container. You may then take the cremated remains out of the temporary container, but leave them in the plastic bag and transfer them into the new cremation urn.

Q. Can I seal the urn?
A. Yes, you may have the funeral home seal the funeral urn or you may seal it yourself. You may use any epoxy suitable for ceramic material.

Q. How do I order?
A. Browse the cremation urn catalog to find the style of urn you like. Then click on the photo of the urn. That will take you to the web page with a variety of funeral urns in that style.Pick out the urn you like and click on the photo. You will then go to a page and it will have a large picture of the urn and the size and price of that urn, click "order this urn" button and it will take you to an online order form. If you prefer, you may call to place the order off line

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